2015 Tailgate Details


Being a part of the Parents Club Tailgate is easy.  The only requirements are the ability to smile at and hug Midshipmen.  Our day starts pretty early, regardless of the kickoff time.  We arrive at our tailgate spot in the 0800 to 0900 timeframe to begin our setup for afternoon games.  We set up the pop-up tents, the chow line tables, and the midshipmen chairs.  We cover the tables and wrap the chafing stands with foil.  We get set for receiving food and for serving lunch to the early arriving Mids, and we get beverages on ice.


Our biggest need is for food and beverages for the Midshipmen.  We emphasize home-cooked food and desserts, and always have a need for non-alcoholic beverages.  Our experience tells us that fruit juices, coffee drinks, chocolate milk, Coke, and Pepsi, are popular, diet soda is not popular at all.  The Club provides plenty of water, but is unable to provide other beverages with the increase in the number of games in the season.  All sorts of food are welcome, think comfort foods.  We like to tell people to imagine that a large group of Mids are coming to your home for dinner, and then imagine what you would feed them.  THAT is what you should make.


We ask that if your food is to be served hot that you bring it already hot.  If it is to be served cold, please bring it that way.  We can keep hot food hot and cold food cold, but we have very limited capacity to make it hot or cold.  Please bring it in disposable containers, and if you have disposable 1/2 or full steam pans, that is even better.  We have Cambro units that these containers slip into for keeping warm. 


Please know that no food ever goes to waste.  What is leftover at the end of the night is taken back to Bancroft and distributed to the Mids on the Yard.  We have timed the Mids removal of a pickup truck bed full of food at 5 minutes from arrival to every morsel being gone.  After the serving is complete, we have to break down and repack into the trailer all of the equipment that has been used.  It normally only takes an hour or so, and many hands definitely make light work.

If you plan to bring food or drink, please update our common spreadsheet at http://tinyurl.com/oa86lg3 (click on "Go to spreadsheet view" and select the appropriate game).  If you have any questions, or want to let us know you'll be at the tailgate to help, please email us at tailgate@usnamarylandpc.org.  We look forward to seeing you all there!

We begin set-up at least four hours before game time, we serve lunch to Mids required to be at the stadium early, such as the cheerleaders, the D&B, the dance team, the Pipes and Drums, and the Glee Clubs starting 3 hours before game time, and serve up dinner to the Brigade immediately following the singing of The Blue and Gold.

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Some of our intrepid tailgate volunteers (L to R): Helen Fitzgerald (Mom '98), Billie Berry (Spouse, '58), Dave Gray (Sponsor Dad), Beth Gray (Sponsor Mom), Bill Campbell (Dad '18), Sandi Skelton (Mom '95), Gregg Sermarini (Dad '19), Spindler Krause (Dad '95), Ric Johns (Sponsor and Alum '75), and Michelle Countiss (Mom '06 and '19).  

Tailgate Location

This is the location of our tailgate.  We are located outside Gate D, on the Blue side of the stadium, the first tailgate the Admirals Row parking where the asphalt changes to grass.


The tailgates hosted jointly with the Parents Clubs of

New Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania are without

a doubt the largest events hosted by our Club.  Held

in the parking lot of the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium,

the clubs feed 150-300 Midshipmen before, and

600-1000 Midshipmen after each home Navy Football game.  With the Club providing hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, chicken kebabs, and BBQ, we depend on our parents, sponsors, and other friends of the Naval Academy to provide home-cooked food, non-alcoholic beverages, and hugs to any midshipman arriving at our tailgate.






Please join us for tailgate.  We always need folks to help set-up and tear down, folks to serve and hug the Mids, and, most importantly, folks to bring food and beverages to keep the smiles you see here coming.  Information will be posted on the home page prior to each game, you may send an email to tailgate@usnamarylandpc.org to be added to our email list, or like our Facebook page to see updates. We look forward to seeing you!