Maryland Parents Club Transition

As with many things, there comes a time for transition.  Dave and I have been leading the Maryland Parents Club for several years, and while we are proud of the many things the Club has accomplished, and while we will remain supportive of all that the Club does, the time has come for us to step back and let new people take over the reins.  To that end, the following email from Elizabeth Beedenbender from the USNA Alumni Association was published this past week:

I am happy to announce the parent club of Maryland has selected to co-presidents, Michelle Welle-Countiss and Elaine Hinkle, both 2019 parents to facilitate the transition from the Gray’s leadership and grow the parent involvement for MD parents.

There is still a need for additional help on the leadership board for Maryland, see the positions below.  If you are available and interested in supporting the MD parent club please contact Michelle and Elaine directly , their contact information is below.
Maryland Parent Club Leadership:

Michelle Welle-Countiss

Elaine Hinkle

Vice- President- vacant
Treasurer- vacant
Secretary- vacant
Website/Communications- vacant
Special Events Coordinator- vacant

This leadership/transition board will work closely with Beth and Dave Gray through May of 2017 for a smooth transition. We hope other parents from across the state of Maryland will consider supporting the MD parent club in their planning and up-coming events.

As always please contact Michelle and Elaine directly regarding the MD Parent Club but I am always available for any questions or concerns.

Elizabeth B

Elizabeth Beedenbender
Engagement Operations - Parent Clubs & Parent Programs
USNA Alumni Association and Foundation
410 295-4166